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As far back as ancient Egypt, Cleopatra was known to use olive oil as part of her beauty regime. This is an ingredient t...

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  • Published: November 8, 2017
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    As far back as ancient Egypt, Cleopatra was known to use olive oil as part of her beauty regime. This is an ingredient that is beneficial and tasty as well. It promotes elasticity and clearness of skin, and it helps weakened nails. Another application of olive oil is in hair care. It imparts shine to the hair, and it works as a deep conditioner for both the hair and scalp. If you have oily skin, look for products that Perfect Prime Face Serumare specifically formulated for your skin type, to help you stay looking fresh all day. Remove excess oil by applying a cotton ball soaked in astringent or facial toner. A moisturizer that is specifically made for oily skin helps your skin stay oil free. Eating the right foods can help your skin. Many people think that greasy foods or chocolate will cause pimples, but this is a misconception. Knowing this, if you experience problems with you skin, having a good diet is important. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, nuts and whole grains. These nutrient-rich whole foods will keep your skin glowing and keep acne at bay. Use a humidifier at home and at your work, if possible, to avoid dry skin. Humidity will increase the moisture level of your skin. This is also a good idea if you reside in a climate that is very dry and causes itchiness of your skin. There are a lot of different kinds of humidifiers that you can get. When you exfoliate your skin, the quality of your treatment is key. Frequent, gentle exfoliation is key. The product you use might be called a 'scrub', but don't take that term literally. Avoid smoking if you want to have healthy skin and look younger. Smoking makes the blood vessels in the face smaller, decreasing blood flow. You will be more likely to get wrinkles from smoking because of the facial expressions made repeatedly. Use a high-quality moisturizer for your child's itchy dry skin two or more times a day. Do not use moisturizers that contain any fragrances, because these are specifically meant for adult skin. If the lotions don't remedy the problem, consult your doctor to see if they can recommend a medical grade moisturizer. You need to ensure your lips are protected.


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