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Exp 4500 3D Metal Detector and Ground Scanner


Are you tired of finding only small stuff near the surface? Do you want to detect the real buried treasures which lie deeper than a normal metal detector can detect?

 We offer the multi-function, sub-surface imaging detector and ground scanner, the eXp 4500! Built for the treasure hunter as well as the prospector just grab the eXp 4500 and find those buried treasures.

Unlike other ground scanners and imaging detectors, the eXp 4500 is truly unique. Calling the eXp 4500 a simple detector is not fair, due to a multitude of built in functions, the eXp 4500 can locate buried items, ancient artifacts, lost treasures and even naturally occurring mineralization like gold and silver at depths well beyond that of a normal metal detector

The eXp 4500 ground scanner is capable of the following operating modes:


* Ground Scan: ideal for treasure hunters and archaeologists looking for underground artifacts, treasures as well as historical and archaeological items.


* Mineral Scan: has been integrated for gold prospectors, seekers and miners, who are looking for natural gold and minerals.


* Tunnel Scan: a specialized mode to detect underground voids, tunnels, cavities and hollow spaces.


* Pin Pointer: assists you in locating the correct position of detected items


* Thermo Graph and Thermo Scan: used to detect cavities and underground tunnels by measuring differences in temperature.


* Magnetometer: helpful to locate ferrous metals like iron and steel


For more info about the device please visit this link :

We offer this device with unmatched price with free shipping worldwide.

For more information about this device and purchase contacts us:

Mobile / Whatsapp /Viber : 0090 507 441 0706

E-mail :

For more info please visit our website:

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