Detailed steps for grafting eyelash extensions

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Recently we’ve got many messages in Ourlash backstage requesting us to write something about the detailed steps fo...

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  • Published: January 18, 2020
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    Recently we’ve got many messages in Ourlash backstage requesting us to write something about the detailed steps for grafting eyelash extensions, Ourlash is eyelash manufacturer and eyelash wholesalers, we know eyelashes a lot but we don’t graft eyelash for customers hahaha, anyway we visited some of our clients and summarize the detailed steps as follow:


    STEP1. Prepare all the necessary tools and products, and disinfect all the tools that will be used in grafting eyelashes, so as to ensure the hygiene and safety of the tools to be used in the process of using.


    STEP2. Clean eyelashes. Clean the dirt on eyelashes and blow dry. Make sure the eyelash is clean, lest affect the glue of the follow-up grafting eyelash adhesion.


    STEP3. Separate upper and lower eyelashes to cut the appropriate size of the isolation film (can be medical tape, eye film, eye sticker), separate the upper and lower eyelashes.

    Lest grafting eyelash when upper and lower eyelash is confused together, and cause operation to have glue to stick to lower eyelid carelessly.


    STEP4. Straighten eyelash. Use eyelash comb or tweezers, straighten eyelash one by one, make it easier to stick the false eyelash of a root better one-to-one on oneself eyelash.


    STEP5. The eyelash artist who will prepare the grafting will choose the suitable eyelashes of different materials to be placed on the water table according to the length of the guests' eyelashes (it can also be soft cushion or clean non-woven fabric).


    STEP6. Start grafting eyelashes:


    1. Shake the eyelash glue to shake the minerals.

    2. Squeeze out the right amount of vinyl on the rubber table, take less glue every time, but take glue frequently.

    3. Hold the end of the eyelash fiber between the tweezers, and insert about two-thirds of the root into the glue, then gently pull it out.

    4. Glue the eyelashes to the side of the real eyelashes, 0.5--1mm away from the skin, not more than 1.5mm.

    5. Each false eyelash should be grafted onto a real eyelash.

    6. At least two-thirds of the length of your eyelashes adhere to the false eyelashes, and make sure the eyelash curve of the grafting is consistent.

    7. Keep a distance between one eyelash and the next eyelash that needs to be grafted to avoid adhesion.

    STEP7. Check the result of grafting and clean it with mascara brush after grafting, and test whether it sticks firmly. If there is falling off or the grafting is not satisfied, it needs to make up and repair.


    STEP8. Blow dry eyelash. Use a small fan or a blow ball to blow eyelash for 5-10 minutes until after open eye is ok not dazzling.


    Above is the mainly processing procedures for grafting eyelash extensions, maybe some of the lash artists will do like this while others will not, that fine everyone is welcomed to message us more good details, let’s study in sharing.


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