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Fusmar Machinery is a professional biomass pellet production line supplier, this article we will introduce biomass pelle...

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  • Published: June 28, 2019
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    Fusmar Machinery is a professional biomass pellet production line supplier, this article we will introduce biomass pellet production line in detail. Biomass fuel pellets produced by this production line are environmentally friendly and energy-saving and are also a renewable resource. Compared with natural coal biomass pellet resources, it has been highly recognized and influenced by the market and consumers.

    Biomass Pellet Production Line Introduction 

    With the continuous improvement of living standards, people's consumption awareness is also gradually diversified. On the premise of advocating resource conservation and energy conservation, environmental protection, conservation, and renewable resources have also become a topic of concern to every one of us. Therefore, the biomass renewable resource utilization market has also become a big market.

    At the same time, the biomass pellet production line uses biomass energy to process biomass wood pellets fuel, environmental protection, and energy-saving equipment and other machinery is also constantly appearing, which is warmly welcomed by investors. So, the biomass energy and resource market have a broad development prospect and great potential. Therefore, biomass energy resources should seize this rare opportunity to make a big display in the market.

    Concept Of Biomass

    Biomass refers to the use of atmosphere, water, land and other organisms produced by photosynthesis, that is, all living organic matter can grow is generally called biomass. Characteristics: renewable, low pollution, widespread distribution. Biomass includes plants, animals and microorganisms. 

    Broad concept: biomass includes all plants, microorganisms, and animals that eat plants and microorganisms as well as their waste products. Representative biomass such as crops, crop waste, wood, wood waste, and animal waste. Narrow sense: biomass mainly refers to the substances such as straws, trees and other lignocellulose (lignin for short), wastes of agricultural products processing industry, agricultural and forestry wastes and livestock manure and wastes in the production of animal husbandry in the process of agricultural and forestry production, except for grains and fruits.

    Uses Of Biomass Fuel

    Pellet fuel is a new type of bio-energy, which can replace wood, fuel oil, liquefied gas, etc. It is widely used in heating, domestic cooking range, hot water boiler, industrial boiler, biomass power plant, etc.

    Process Flow Of Biomass Pellet Production Line

    Biomass fuel production line equipment mainly includes biomass pellet hammer mill, classification screen, dryer, wood pellet making machine, cooling machine, packing machine and process matching dust removal, water feeding equipment. The processing technology adopted the mixing technology of primary drying, secondary crushing, continuous feeding, and adjusting feeding, and the fuel molding rate of pellet molding reached 98%, with high packing density and pellet density.

    1. Sieve. Screen large materials and impurities to ensure that raw materials meet pelletization requirements. Usually between 2 and 6mm.

    2. Drying. Biomass fuel pelletization requirements of water under 20%, drying with the drum dryer.

    3. Pelletization. The key step, completed by biomass pellet machine, pellet quality, stable yield, and high yield.

    4. Cool down. Due to the extrusion work, biomass pellet temperature is higher, needs to be cooled after packaging. Counterflow type cooling machine, reasonable design, fast cooling.

    5. Sieve. Through the vibration grading sieve, the qualified biomass pellets are screened out, and other unqualified products are recycled and reused.

    6. Packaging. Automatic measurement, automatic sealing, save time and labor, improve efficiency, reduce cost.

    Dust removal equipment will recycle the dust generated in the production process for pelleting, reducing waste and improving revenue.

    Biomass Pellet Production Line Product Advantages

    1. Adopt the principle of die roll extrusion molding to process biomass materials such as agricultural and forestry residues into solid molding fuel, so as to achieve continuous and stable industrial production.

    2. The whole biomass pellet fuel production line is characterized by low power consumption, clean environmental protection, low consumption and high efficiency, high molding rate, and high molding quality.

    3. Stable operation of equipment, lower power consumption, continuous operation without deformation, and strong output.

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