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Up to 100% Worldwide Business, Real Estate, Startups $20M to $20B USD We are seeking Worldwide Commercial Projects that need $20 Million USD to $20 Billion USD in funding, and have – and can provide proof of - a minimum of 1% liquid cash in escrow. Funds remain in escrow until funding. Funds utilized at closing, or refunded if loan is not funded. Total loan amount deposit into escrow within 10 banking days, upon completion of due diligence.100% Success rate.
100% Financing can be provided for some projects although all Projects need at least 1% liquidity.
The Sinking Fund Structured Debt Program is provided by a LENDER with 40 years’ experience who has closed over $134 Billion in worldwide projects in the last 10 years.

You will receive References and other information that you need to do your own due diligence on the Lender prior to making any decision, or paying any money.
Americap Direct
8300 FM 1960 West Suite 450
Houston TX 77070
Tel; +1 (877) 998- 7539
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